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GLIN==> Michigan Areas of Concern News online

Title: Michigan Areas of Concern News online

The Summer 2005 edition of Michigan Areas of Concern News is now online at http://www.glc.org/spac/pdf/summer05.pdf.
The newsletter is published by the Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC) for Michigan's Great Lakes Areas of Concern Program.  Highlights from this issue include:

- AOC strategy team launched under Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (This article provides an overview of the Regional Collaboration process from its initiation in December 2004 to the formation of eight issue-area Strategy Teams.)

- Michigan develops draft restoration criteria for AOCs (This article presents a look at the development of restoration criteria for beneficial use impairments in Michigan Areas of Concern.)

- Two Great Lakes Legacy Act projects underway; others soon to follow (This article provides a synopsis and status of current Great Lakes Legacy Act projects.)

- First Legacy Act Project:  The Black Lagoon (This article provides an in-depth look at the first contaminated sediments cleanup project under the Great Lakes Legacy Act.)

- U.S. EPA proposes “pathway” for restoring fish and wildlife impairments (This article features a process developed by U.S. EPA for restoring and delisting three beneficial use impairments in Great Lakes Areas of Concern.)

- Marsh Monitoring Program to monitor and report in Great Lakes Areas of Concern (This article outlines how a partnership between Bird Studies Canada and the Great Lakes Commission is advancing the monitoring of wetland-related beneficial use impairments in Great Lakes Areas of Concern.)

- Michigan Clean Water Corps launches stream and lake monitoring programs (This article features the development of "MiCorps," created through an executive order by Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm to assist the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality in collecting and sharing water quality data for use in water resources management and protection programs.)

- Great Lakes restoration begins upstream (In this issue's "Guest Feature," David Allan and Gretchen Alexander from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources discuss an initiative to evaluate the state of river restoration in the United States with a focus on the Great Lakes/Upper Midwest region.)

Additionally, the newsletter contains the following sections:
- The SPAC Report (recent progress of the Michigan Statewide Public Advisory Council)
- News from U.S. EPA
- News from the IJC
- New Publications and Resources
- AOC updates

- And much more!

For hard copies of the newsletter, contact Matt Doss, mdoss@glc.org or John Hummer, jhummer@glc.org; 734-971-9135.

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