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GLIN==> Fw: First International IFAS Conference on Nanotechnology

For those of you interested in the applications and potential impacts of nanotechnology to food and agriculture, please see below.



You are cordially invited to attend the The First International IFAS Conference on Nanotechnology

What Can Nano Learn from Bio?

Lessons from the Debate over Agrifood Biotechnology and GMOs


October 26-27, 2005

Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI


What can scientists, engineers, technology developers, policy makers and research administrators in the emerging fields of nanotechnology learn from the international controversy over the use of recombinant DNA techniques in agriculture and the food system? A conference dedicated to answering this question will feature participants in this controversy from industry, regulatory and non-governmental organizations, as well as scholars who have conducted research on the debate over transgenic crops, animal biotechnology and GMOs from a number of different perspectives. Save the date in October 2005.


Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues who are interested in this topic and post it on the events calendar of your organization?s web site.  For more information and on-line registration: http://www.carrs.msu.edu/nanoconference/




John V. Stone, Ph.D.
Applied Anthropologist
Institute for Food and Agricultural Standards
Berkey Hall, #425-A
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI   48824
517-355-2384 (Office); 517-432-2856 (FAX)