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GLIN==> Advance your qualifications through a part time Master's degree at McMaster University

Submitted by Gail Krantzberg <krantz@mcmaster.ca>
Advance your qualifications through a part time Master's degree at McMaster University:

While engineers and scientists serve as key advisors to decision makers in both the public and private sectors, they are generally poorly trained in factors that determine sound public policy. Engineers and scientists need more than extensive technical skills; they need an enhanced understanding of environmental issues, the public policy process and its implications for technological, social and ecological systems and requirements. McMaster University's new Centre for Engineering and Public Policy is a nexus for excellence in public policy formulation related to human effects on technological, social and ecological systems. This professional Master's program will cultivate a new generation of engineers and applied scientists from a wide cross-section of organizations as future professionals in the public policy area by deepening their knowledge of a range of environmental, engineering and public policy disciplines. Graduate students will learn the management, communication and leadership skills that they will need to use to clarify poorly defined problems, work effectively within a team environment, assess system impacts, negotiate mutually beneficial solutions, and to clearly convey policy tradeoffs to decision-makers in the public and private sectors, media and public. Areas of focus include, for example:

·         Water Quality and Quantity
·         Great Lakes current and emerging issues
·         Air Quality
·         Land use impacts on human and ecological health
·         Emerging chemicals of concern
·       Energy futures and alternatives
·         Transportation and its impacts on human and ecosystem health

For more information contact Deborah Smaluck at smaluck@mcmaster.ca or Dr. Gail Krantzberg at krantz@mcmaster.ca; Applications are open for registration for the September onset of the program.

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