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GLIN==> Revamped Advisor online!

The Advisor has a new look! See the Summer 2005 issue of the redesigned Great Lakes Commission newsletter, now online at www.glc.org/advisor/05/advisor_summer05.pdf

The new Advisor features a brighter, more colorful look; an expanded commentary section; more feature articles and a new "Commissioners' Corner" where individual Commissioners will share their insights on Great Lakes issues, along with coverage of Commission events, news from around the lakes and the popular "Where in the Great Lakes" photo. Now a quarterly publication, new issues of the Advisor will be timed to come out on a seasonal schedule.

Highlights include:

     •  An update on the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration
     •  The Great Lakes Basin Program unveils its "Stop the Mudness" campaign
     •  Perspectives: What impact is the St. Clair River having on lake levels?
     •  Joint venture with Bird Studies Canada to track AOC recoveries
     •  Chair Tom Huntley discusses an energy saving idea

The Advisor is also available online via the Great Lakes Commission's home page at www.glc.org. Check under "Recent publications" for current and back issues.

Kirk Haverkamp, Advisor Editor
Great Lakes Commission
2805 S. Industrial, Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Phone 734-665-9135