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GLIN==> Nearly $600,000 Awarded to Three Lake Erie Watershed Pilot Projects

News Release


September 15, 2005





Projects support Governor Taft’s Lake Erie Protection and Restoration Plan


TOLEDO, OH – A total of $596,514 in state grants to fund watershed-protection pilot projects in the Toledo, Cleveland and Medina areas were approved yesterday by the Ohio Lake Erie Commission.  The grants advance the Balanced Growth component of Governor Bob Taft’s Lake Erie Protection & Restoration Plan by promoting voluntary, orderly growth and conservation at the local level as a means of protecting water quality and other resources in the Lake Erie basin.


“These grants support locally driven watershed planning partnerships in three diverse settings – urban, suburban and rural – helping to demonstrate how Balanced Growth practices and planning approaches can improve watersheds and water quality throughout the Lake Erie basin,” said Ohio Department of Natural Resources Director Sam Speck, the commission’s chairman.


“Through these projects, our hope is to provide voluntary, community-based models that can be adapted to the needs of other communities as a means of promoting growth while protecting water,” Speck said.


Funding for the grants, which is provided by the Ohio Water Development Authority and administered by the commission, will be distributed to grantees over a three-year period and will require no local matching funds.


Visit the Ohio Lake Erie Commission web site at www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo  or call the commission office at 419-245-2514 for additional information on the Lake Erie Balanced Growth Program.



EDITORS NOTE: See the attached list of selected watershed balanced growth pilot projects.


For Further Information Contact:

Edwin J. Hammett, Executive Director;
Ohio Lake Erie Commission
(419) 245-2514





Project: “Implementing Balanced Growth in the Chagrin River Watershed.” Project Director Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells, Executive Director of Chagrin River Watershed Partners, in the Chagrin River Watershed. Counties include Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Portage.

Award: $200,000

Description: The Chagrin River Watershed Partners will work with local governments and other watershed stakeholders to develop the Chagrin River Watershed Balanced Growth Plan and to advance implementation of best local land-use practices as recommended by Ohio’s Lake Erie Balanced Growth Program.


Project: “Swan Creek Watershed Pilot Project.”  Project Director Kurt Erichsen, P.E./Vice Pres. of Environmental Planning at the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, in the Swan Creek Watershed. Counties include Henry, Fulton and western Lucas.

Award: $199,857

Description: The Swan Creek Watershed Pilot Project will bring together jurisdictions from three counties within the Swan Creek Watershed to address common goals as well as coordinate a multi-county, multi-jurisdictional planning project, among other objectives.


Project: “The Rocky River Upper West Branch Watershed Balanced Growth Plan.”  Project Director Christopher S. Hartman, District Manager of Medina County Soil & Water Conservation District, in the Rocky River Upper West

Award: $196,657
Description: This pilot project includes four sub-watersheds. The Rocky River Watershed Planning Partnership will provide participating political jurisdictions that have land-use authority with a watershed plan that will make development decisions more predictable. The project also includes assisting in achieving objectives identified in the Rocky River Watershed Action Plan.