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GLIN==> Acclaimed Great Lakes teaching tool now available

Contact: Stephanie Smith Alliance for the Great Lakes 312-939-0838, ext. 5 ssmith@greatlakes.org

Highly acclaimed Great Lakes K-8 teaching tool now available

It has been three years in the making, had input from more than 80 Great Lakes educators and scientists, and is now available to your children. It is acclaimed as "engaging," invaluable," and "a wonderful resource" through which children can learn about "the value and vulnerabilities of these incredible freshwater resources." Plus, it's "cool."

It is the Great Lakes in My World curriculum kit (see www.greatlakes.org/edu/glimw.asp), tailored to kindergarten through eighth-grade students. This exceptional teaching tool, developed by the Alliance for the Great Lakes (www.greatlakes.org), is designed for use by elementary teachers, families, museums and nature centers.

Most importantly, kids love it. The reason is simple. The curriculum relates to them and their world - the amazing Great Lakes that are in their own backyards. The kit builds upon this personal frame of reference and appreciation for their geographic home, which also is home to the largest freshwater resources in the world.

William, a seventh-grade student from Indiana, describes the watershed experiment as "cool." Joelvy, also a seventh-grader, was amazed while learning about the invasive species that threaten the health of our Great Lakes, noting, "I never knew there were so many invasive species in the Great Lakes."

After completing several hands-on Great Lakes in My World activities, sixth-grader Alejandro declared, "I want to protect the Great Lakes."

"This is an interdisciplinary Great Lakes curriculum package . where the subject matter of the Lakes can cross the entire curriculum, just as the Lakes influence all of life in the region," says Rosanne W. Fortner, professor emeritus from Ohio State University School of Natural Resources. "What could be more relevant than to learn about where we live?"

Education is key to help youth understand and appreciate where we live, which, in turn, can lead to an ongoing ethic of stewardship and responsible decision-making about the Great Lakes' future. Great Lakes in My World delivers such an education, and more. The curriculum also provides a meaningful way for students to learn science, history, social studies, language arts and culture, while also learning about the Great Lakes - a rich, living ecosystem and a cherished resource that defines "home" for many children in the upper Midwest.

The Great Lakes in My World curriculum kit contains 80 hands-on activities for students that meet state learning standards and benchmarks for Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin; a set of 60 illustrated and informative Great Lakes Creature Cards; and a compact disc with supplemental materials. The cost is $40, plus $6 for shipping. It makes a great gift for your child's teacher, your family or other education programs serving elementary-age children in your community.

To learn more about the Great Lakes in My World curriculum kit, go to www.greatlakes.org/edu/glimw.asp. To order Great Lakes in My World, go to www.greatlakes.org/store/Products/ProductDetail.asp?PROD_ID=289.

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