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GLIN==> Council of Great Lakes Governors' Leadership Summit--December 12-13 in Milwaukee

We are pleased to announce that the Council of Great Lakes Governors’ Leadership Summit, “Promoting Our Economy and Protecting Our Great Lakes,” will be held December 12-13 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The Summit will include a luncheon keynote address by Robert Stempel, Chairman & CEO, Energy Conversion Devices, Inc., Chairman, Council of Great Lakes Industries, (Retired Chairman & CEO, General Motors).  William Testa, Vice President and Director of Regional Programs for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, will give an address regarding the Great Lakes regional economy.


Additionally, the Governors and Premiers will take action on the finalized Annex Implementing Agreements to strengthen the management and protection of the Great Lakes.  If approved, the agreements could be signed at the Summit.  For additional information, including an agenda, please visit the Council’s Web site at http://www.cglg.org/news/2005LeadershipSummit.asp


We encourage Leadership Summit participants to join us in Milwaukee after attending the Great Lakes Regional Collaboration event that will take place earlier in the afternoon of December 12 in Chicago.  For more information on Great Lakes Regional Collaboration, visit http://www.glrc.us/