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GLIN==> 2006 Community Involvement Conference: Call for Presentations

EPA is soliciting presentation proposals for its 2006 Community Involvement Conference, which will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 27-30. This year's theme is:  "Something Good is Brewing: Achieving Environmental Results through Community Involvement."  This annual conference is a unique opportunity for a wide array of stakeholders to come together to share how EPA and its partners are involving communities in the protection of our air, water and land.  The intended audience is federal, tribal, state and local governments, environmental and civic organizations, businesses and others who plan and implement community involvement, partnership, outreach, and educational programs.

Field Trip Opportunities:  As part of the proposal solicitation, EPA is looking for local leaders to propose and organize one of four 2 -3 hour field trips in close proximity to downtown Milwaukee.  If you have an idea for a field trip and would like to lead it, please submit your proposal using the information in the Call for Presenters. It would be very helpful if you would also contact Community Involvement Coordinator and Field Trip Subcommittee Chair Dave Novak at (312) 886-7478, novak.dave@epa.gov with your idea.

How to Submit a Presentation Proposal:  Information and instructions for submitting a proposal is available on EPA's Web site: http://www.epa.gov/ciconference/2006.  The Call for Presenters also includes information about the estimated conference registration fee and travel reimbursement options for non-federal government presenters. Presentation proposals can be submitted through the conference Web site (on-line form still under development, but a downloadable file is available that can be sent by e-mail), fax, or mail.

Presentation proposals: due January 18.

: Please send any questions or concerns to Lisa Gebler, Community Involvement Conference Coordinator at 301-589-5318 or e-mail ciconference@emsus.com, or EPA Community Involvement Coordinator Bri Bill at (312) 353-6646, bill.briana@epa.gov.