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GLIN==> Sea Grant Awarded $2.5 Million for Great Lakes and Ocean Sciences Education


January 6, 2006

For more information:
Helen Domske, Senior Extension Associate, NY Sea Grant 716.645.3610
Barbara Branca, Communications Manager, NY Sea Grant 631.632.6956

Sea Grant Awarded $2.5 Million for Great Lakes and Ocean Sciences Education

Science education in the Great Lakes region received a significant boost
with this week’s announcement of a $2.5 million grant from the National
Science Foundation and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric
Administration (NOAA) for a regional Center for Ocean Sciences Education
Excellence (COSEE). Funds for the Great Lakes’ regional Center (COSEE Great
Lakes), the eighth center in a nationwide network, will be divided among
seven regional Sea Grant programs to support a suite of educational
opportunities in which grade-school students, teachers, and citizens will
have new opportunities to explore the Great Lakes and their connection to
the world's oceans.

Helen Domske, a principle investigator and Senior Extension Associate for
New York Sea Grant, will coordinate COSEE efforts in New York and will take
the lead on all COSEE activities on Lake Ontario. With COSEE Great Lakes
partners from Sea Grant programs in Illinois-Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Domske will help coordinate teacher
workshops, research vessel summer explorations, “Fresh to Salt” teacher
curriculum development, a COSEE Web site, and much more.

“Public understanding of Great Lakes and ocean sciences is key to helping
stakeholders make informed decisions on coastal and ocean management and
personal stewardship issues,” Domske said.

COSEE Great Lakes will engage the public in ways that promote a deeper
understanding of our inland seas–the Great Lakes–and their influence on our
quality of life and our national prosperity. “Over the next five years,
more than 2,000 teachers and thousands of land-locked students will enhance
their ocean sciences competencies while they develop relationships with
more than 350 participating researchers,” said New York Sea Grant Director,
Jack Mattice.

Domske, already experienced onboard the US EPA research vessel Lake
Guardian, will conduct teacher courses aboard that vessel in Lake Ontario
and Lake Erie. In cooperation with Erie 2 BOCES, she will also offer a
Tropical Marine Ecology summer course for teachers in Honduras. Other New
York Sea Grant COSEE collaborators include the Great Lakes Program,
University at Buffalo; Bathysphere Underwater Biological Laboratories
(BUBL) Monroe #1 BOCES; USFWS Great Lakes Fishery Resources Office,
Amherst; Aquarium of Niagara, Niagara Falls; Buffalo Museum of Science
–Tifft Nature Preserve; and NYSDEC, Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve.

One of the first NYSG COSEE GL programs will be the Great Lakes Student
Summit scheduled for May 18-19, 2006 in Buffalo. This event brings over 200
students and teachers together to act as “student-scientists” as they share
projects and research and learn about the Great Lakes.

New York Sea Grant is part of NOAA/National Sea Grant, a network of more
than 30 university programs dedicated to the protection and sustainable use
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