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Re: GLIN==> REMINDER- Funding Opportunity Helps Citizens Get Involved in Protectingthe Great Lakes

I just want to comment on my situation in case it is similar to other environmental groups.  There are several nice funding programs for environmental groups doing work in the great lakes basin.  Unfortunately, in my case, I am not a 501(c)(3) so I pass each time I see these funding opportunities.  It might be nice to be able to get $500 or $1000 to send out an advocacy mailing to the towns affected by my issue.
I certainly understand that limiting these grants to organizations with accountable paperwork protects the interest of the donor from having their money wasted.  However, in my case it is not worth the paperwork headache to set up a charitable organization. 
I simply research the issues, contact local politicians, and work my website.  i.e. the cheap stuff.  I imagine there are many similarly situated grassroots organizations doing the heavy lifting on various issues that are too small to form a 501(c)(3) yet are deserving of a little financial support.
Something to think about.
Steven Pollack
Citizens for a Cleaner Lake Michigan

Martha Waszak <waszakm@michigan.gov> wrote:
Funding Opportunity Helps Citizens Get Involved in Protecting the Great Lakes

In response to the increasing threat posed by invasive plants and animals to Michigan's waterways, the Department of Environmental Quality's Office of the Great Lakes is continuing to support local efforts to prevent and control aquatic invasive species (AIS) through the fourth annual Aquatic Invasive Species Information and Education Small Grants Program.

"This funding opportunity will assist Michigan's citizens who are looking for ways to get involved in helping to prevent the introduction and spread of AIS," said OGL Director Ken DeBeaussaert.
An AIS is defined as a species that is not native, and whose introduction causes, or is likely to cause, economic or environmental harm or harm to human health. A total of $22,000 is available for small grants ranging from $1,500 to $3,000.

The program, administered by the Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund, utilizes proceeds from the sale of the 2005 Great Lakes Protection Fund decal to fund local information and education initiatives to prevent and control AIS introductions and spread throughout Michigan waters. Examples of eligible projects include boater education programs, training and monitoring programs, early detection and rapid response activities.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, schools, tribes, and local units of government are invited to apply. The application deadline is January 20, 2006 with grant periods beginning April 3, 2006. For more information on this grant opportunity or to obtain the full request for proposals and grant application, please visit www.michigan.gov/deqmiglprotectionfund, or contact the OGL at 517-335-4056.

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