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GLIN==> Retired Surgeon Henry Singer this week in the Great Lakes Town Hall

Title: Retired Surgeon Henry Singer this week in the Great Lakes Town Hall
This Week in the Great Lakes Town Hall . . .
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Dear Great Lakes Neighbor,

Each week we invite grassroots activists, artists, officials, physicians, parents, young people and others to offer insightful commentary on their Great Lakes experiences and views. Of course, we also invite you to comment on their thoughts.

This week, the Great Lakes Town Hall is pleased to welcome retired surgeon and lifelong Great Lakes advocate, Henry Singer. As you'll see from his bio below, Henry holds a deep connection to our Great Lakes. Don't miss this chance to read a new essay from Henry every day this week - only in the Great Lakes Town Hall!

About Henry Singer . . .

Henry Singer, a retired Otolaryngologist and Head and Neck surgeon, has enjoyed a lifetime of close proximity to the Great Lakes. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Henry spent his childhood near Lake Erie. He attributes his appreciation of the Great Lakes to his first days of life, where he insists he had a view of the Maumee River as it enters Lake Erie from his hospital nursery crib. Years later, while completing his graduate studies in Chicago, he concedes that the view of Lake Michigan through his dorm window may have been a distraction to his study habits. But it was in the 1960?s while living on the Lake Erie shore that Henry realized how fragile the Great Lakes are as he witnessed the severe degradation of Lake Erie during his fellowship in Cleveland.

Unable to release himself from the spell of the Great Lakes, Henry practiced his profession and raised his family within one block of Little Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan. Now enjoying retirement, he is currently the president of the Emmet County Lakeshore Association.

Henry and his wife Naomi, along with their Black Labrador, Skillee (named after the lighthouse) still reside on a bluff overlooking Little Traverse Bay in Petoskey, Michigan during the winter months and enjoy summers with their children and grandchildren on the Lake Michigan shore near Cross Village.

In addition to guest speakers, the Great Lakes Town Hall focuses on a new featured Great Lakes issue each week. This week co-moderator Dave Dempsey turns his eye toward Who Owns the Great Lakes Shoreline: "The recent news that Great Lakes shoreline property owners are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a Michigan ruling that the public has the right to walk along the water?s edge raises again one of the most sensitive conflicts of recent years. Ohio has also been in conflict over public vs. private ownership of Lake Erie shoreline. Who owns the Great Lakes shoreline?"

Don't miss this great opportunity to read and comment on our featured issue - Who owns the Great Lakes shoreline? - and the views of our guest speaker, Henry Singer, in the Great Lakes Town Hall.

Guest speakers contribute content on a Great Lakes topic of their choice for five days. While there are basic rules of conduct, guest speakers are unedited and diverse views are welcome. If you are interested in serving as a guest speaker, please reply to this email.

Your Great Lakes Neighbor,

Jeffrey Potter
Jeffrey Potter
Biodiversity Project's Great Lakes Town Hall

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