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GLIN==> 2006 International Lighthouse Conference

Submitted by Mini Jacques <mjacques@brucecounty.on.ca>

2006 International Lighthouse Conference
Southampton, Ontario, Canada
June 1st  - 4th, 2006
For more information and to register visit: www.chantryisland.com

Conference Summary

"Capturing the Past - Securing the Future"
Leading experts are coming from all over the world to speak at this international conference set on the Bruce Coast in Southampton, Ontario - See list below....

Not only is the Bruce Coast along Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, dotted with rocky shoals and hundreds of shipwrecks and is home to a total of 11 lighthouses and many range lights and a brand new Marine Heritage Gallery, but now will host an international conference welcoming those with passion for marine heritage and lighthouses from around the world.

The conference will also raise awareness of the work and involvement across North America and around the world in the preservation of the marine history of Lightkeeping and Lighthouses.

                     Behind the Lecture Titles..
· Lighthouse Voices from the Past
· Georgian Bay Lights
· Men and Women of the Lights
· Success Stories of Restoration and Preservation
· Chantry Island
· Cabot Head
· .. Many more

Preservation and Restoration
· Future Needs of Lighthouse Preservation Globally
· Canadian Lighthouse Preservation
· American Lighthouse Preservation
· Italian Lighthouse Preservation and Architecture

Marketing Your Museum and/or Lighthouse · Starting and making profitable Lighthouse or Museum Store · Starting a Lighthouse Museum · Successful Museum Marine Galleries · Using Shipwrecks as a Marketing Tool · Music, Stories and Lighthouse Lore as a Marketing Tool · Using Film Production and Television to promote your Lighthouse or Museum · Using the Internet to Draw People to your Museum or Lighthouse · Using Books to Draw People to Your Museum or Lighthouse · Using Art to Draw people to Your Lighthouse · How to Run a Budget for Preservation and Restoration · Archaeology as a Marketing Tool

Science and Research
· Shipwreck Archaeology and Lighthouses
· Using the Internet to add for research
· Weather, Art and Lighthouses

· Getting the Younger Generation Involved
· Working with Creative People in 12 Steps to advantage in Lighthouse
· Preservation and Marketing

Speaker List (biographies available on www.chantryisland.com)
· Wayne Sapulski Author/Photographer, United States
· Dr. Steve Belko Professor University of West Florida, United States
· Dick Moehl President, Great Lakes Lighthouse Association, United States
· Stefanie Staley Grand Traverse Lighthouse Museum, United States

· Dr. Giuseppe Amoruso    University of Bologna, Italy
& Dr. Cristiana Bartolome University of Bologna, Italy

· Barry MacDonald President, Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society, Nova Scotia

· George Plant Photojournalist, Ontario
· Mike Sterling Chantry Island Light Restoration, Ontario
· John Tozer Cabot Head Lighthouse Marketing, Ontario
· Ken Cassavoy Professional Archaeologist, Ontario
· Loren Brown Singer/Story Teller, Ontario
· Phil Chadwick Professional Meteorologist/Artist, Ontario
· David Sharron Chief Archivist, Bruce County Museum, Ontario
· Barbara Chisholm &
Andrea Gutsche Lynx Images - Producers/Filmmakers, Ontario
· Lighthouse Enthusiasts from around the world
· World Experts in Lighthouse Preservation and Restoration
· Government agency representatives.
· Community and Museum representatives

Inexpensive world-class entertainment with a nautical theme - Valdy (Award Winning singer songwriter), David
Archibald (singer-songwriter) $15 Canadian (adult) $5 (child)
The newly expanded Bruce County Museum and Cultural Center. The perfect example of an expanded and vibrant Museum with a large Marine Gallery and more.

Area Features To Be Showcased At The Conference:
· Lighthouses
· Museums
· Visitor Centers
· Examples of Successful Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Marketing

$85 Canadian, if registered before April 15th, 2006.
$100 Canadian afterward.
That is $73.81 US Dollars. approx.

&#61472;Please see www.chantryisland.com for accommodation listings and links

Easy driving distance from the eastern seaboard of the US and Canada.
Also, reachable via Toronto and Detroit via plane and train.

Visitor Information:
Visit the Bruce County Tourism website at: www.naturalretreat.com

We look forward to you visiting Bruce County and Southampton, Ontario in June at what is sure to be an exciting and fun conference.


The 2006 International Lighthouse Conference Organizing Committee

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