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The U.S. and Canadian Federal governments, as the Parties to the Great
Lakes Water Quality Agreement (the Agreement), have begun the process of
reviewing the operation and effectiveness of the Agreement.  This review
(the Review) is required under Article X of the Agreement.  As past
reviews have shown, this exercise will be an intensive undertaking.  In
order to insure its success, the Review will require the cooperation and
involvement of a variety of public and private sector Great Lakes Basin
Stakeholders from the U.S. and Canada (applications and additional
information are included in the attached PDF file).

The importance of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement is widely
recognized.  It commits the two countries to restore and maintain the
chemical, physical and biological integrity of the waters of the Great
Lakes Basin Ecosystem and has been held up as a successful model of
Canada-United States partnership, showing that bilateral cooperation is
strong, effective and productive.  The Review of the Agreement will help
to insure that it continues to fulfill this role well into the future.

The Parties have also committed to an open, transparent and inclusive
review process which allows for the involvement of all interested
parties.  To this end, the Great Lakes Binational Executive Committee
(BEC) agreed at its February 8-9, 2006 meeting that the BEC Co-chairs
would solicit both broad public stakeholder and government agency
interest in participating in the Review through membership on a number
of Review Working Groups (RWGs) which are described in the attachment.

The work of the RWGs will commence in late April 2006 and continue to
the end of Calendar Year 2006.  Participation will require a commitment
to review particular aspects of the Agreement (as outlined in the
attachment) and to attend regularly held conference calls (i.e. monthly
or bimonthly), as well as the potential of attending a small number of
in-person meetings.  We also ask that those wishing to be involved
provide some information on their background and level of expertise in
the subject-matter relating to the Review Working Group in which they
wish to participate.

Should you wish to be involved in the Review through participation in a
Review Working Group, please complete the attached membership form and
return it to either the Canadian or U.S. member of the Agreement Review
Committee Secretariat (as appropriate) by no later than March 31,2006.

Thank you in advance for considering your participation in this very
important effort to insure the continued binational stewardship of the
Great Lakes.

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|    Binational Executive Committee   |            Binational Executive Committee            |
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(See attached file: Public RWG Membership Solicitation -16March2006.pdf)

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