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GLIN==> Call for Proposals: GLFC's Science Transfer Program

Title: Call for Proposals

*** Call for Proposals***


Science Transfer Program

of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission



Great Lakes Fishery Commission Science Transfer Program


Proposal Deadline: July 14, 2006.  Proposals received after these deadlines will not be considered.  Complete program funding schedule available at by clicking here.


Funding: Proposals for the 2007 funding cycle for the Science Transfer Program of the Great Lakes Fishery Commission are now being solicited.  New Science Transfer Program projects may not begin before January 2007.  Total amount of funding available for the 2007 Science Transfer Program is $25,000.



Science Transfer Program

Program Purpose: To promote partnerships through the communication of information about Great Lakes ecosystems and their fish communities, sea lamprey control, and emerging ecological concepts and technologies to fishery researchers and managers, to governments, and to the public.  The program provides a dedicated source of funding to support the objectives and activities described in A Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries and the commission’s partnership vision statement.

Types of Projects: Science transfer projects include all forms of commission-sponsored communication related to scientific and technical information. Types of activities used to disseminate information include:

·         science-transfer and training workshops

·         other workshops and symposia

·         management objective setting

·         development and maintenance of lake-wide databases

·         development of scientific reviews and

·         publication of research in print, CD, and web-based media.

A description of the types of projects eligible for funding through the Science Transfer Program is available by clicking here.


Submission Procedures: Available at this link.

            Proposal format available at here.