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GLIN==> Shipboard and Shoreline Science Workshop Cruise, June 18-24 on Lake Erie

Submitted by Rosanne Fortner <fortner.2@osu.edu>

Shipboard and Shoreline Science Workshop Cruise, June 18-24 on Lake Erie.
April 7 Deadline for applications.

The Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE) Great Lakes
invites 4th-10th grade teachers and non-formal educators to participate in
its first annual Lake Guardian Shipboard and Shoreline Science workshop.
This year's cruise on Lake Erie is designed to promote Great Lakes and ocean
sciences in formal and informal education and forge lasting relationships
between science researchers and educators. Participants will be involved in
field exercises, work with scientists, examine curricula and resources, and
explore classroom activities relating to the Great Lakes and ocean resources.
Fifteen teachers will be selected from around the Great Lakes
basin. Applications are on-line at http://coseegreatlakes.net Application
deadline April 7.

This one-week workshop takes place aboard the U.S. EPA's 180ft research
vessel the R/V Lake Guardian. It will offer first hand explorations of Lake
Erie geography, resources, processes and issues, and demonstrate how Great
Lakes science parallels the science of the world ocean. Days are spent on
the water cruising among the EPA water quality sampling stations and
collecting plankton and benthic organisms. Participants will be involved in
data collection and analysis, and in discussions of how the Lakes and oceans
change with human activity, geographic location, geology, biology and
weather. Evenings are spent at anchor in ports along the U.S. shore, with
chances to visit special habitats and informal learning sites.  Stipends,
materials and limited travel support for selected teacher participants.
Graduate credit is available. Cruise begins and ends at Cleveland, Ohio.
Contact Ann Danielski [add118@psu.edu] for information.

Submitted by :
Rosanne W. Fortner, DIrector
COSEE Great Lakes
Ohio Sea Grant Education Program
Phone and fax: 910-278-6754

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.
--Loren Eiseley

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