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GLIN==> What's New & Notable: 01 April 2006

Title: GLIN: What's New and Notable

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What's New & Notable
01 April 2006

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Nab the Aquatic Invader

GLIN Site of the Month Nab the Aquatic Invader is an exciting education technology venture that uses problem-based activities to teach students in grades 4-10 about invasive species. An engaging detective theme raises awareness of the critical nature of problems caused by invaders and inspires a desire to take action. As honorary detectives, students are provided with opportunities for critical thinking and scientific inquiry. Students conduct research with the help of fact sheets, photos, web links, curriculum, education kits, maps and more. Educators have an opportunity to enhance existing units; use activities created by teachers; and work with technology that integrates science, geography, math and language arts. The site provides a stimulating online educational experience.

Wisconsin Land Information Association

WLIA is a collection of concerned professionals with an interest in land records modernization, GIS and related technologies, and by the need for government policies and programs that support their efficient and effective application.

State of Eastern Ontario's Forests

The Eastern Ontario Model Forest is a non profit charitable organization that monitors the state of eastern Ontario's forests using a holistic framework called local level indicators and case studies.

Michigan Underwater Preserves

The Michigan Underwater Preserve system was created in 1980 through legislation supported and largely drafted by Michigan sport divers. Michigan's 11 underwater preserves include nearly 2,300 square miles of Great Lakes bottomland. The underwater preserves protect some of the region's most sensitive underwater resources.

Lake Superior Binational Forum

The Lake Superior Binational Forum is the citizen stakeholder group for the Lake Superior Binational Program. Nominations are currently being accepted for the Lake Superior Environmental Stewardship Awards Program.

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