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GLIN==> State Science Day Scholarships

On 6 May, the Friends of Stone Laboratory and the Ohio Sea Grant College Program reviewed outstanding science projects from 33 sophomore through senior participants at the Ohio Academy of Science's State Science Day on the main campus of The Ohio State University and awarded scholarships to 7 outstanding students (see attached list).  These scholarships cover the cost of room and meals in a one-week introductory course taught at the Laboratory.  Recipients have 3 years to use the scholarship.  This special  scholarship program at State Science Day was initiated as part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration for Stone Laboratory in 1996.  The seven scholarships awarded this year brings the total number awarded since 1996 to 70.  Special thanks to Mary Ann Abiado, Lydia Bailey, Eugene Braig, Mike Heniken, Richard Moore, Daniella Nordin, and Jeff Reutter for assisting with the judging of the projects.


Jeffrey M. Reutter, Ph.D., Director
Ohio Sea Grant College Program,
F.T. Stone Laboratory,
Center for Lake Erie Area Research (CLEAR), and the
Great Lakes Aquatic Ecosystem Research Consortium (GLAERC)
The Ohio State University
Area 100 Research Center, 1314 Kinnear Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43212
tel (614)292-8949; fax (614)292-4364; email reutter.1@osu.edu
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