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GLIN==> Call for Abstracts for 2006 National Beach Conference due6/9/2006

Please see attached files for the "call for abstracts" and "Save The Date" for the 2006 National Beach Conference, October 11, 12, &13, 2006 in Niagara Falls, NY.

Please note that the Great Lakes Beach Conference is collaborating with the National Beach Conference in 2006.

The deadline for submitting your abstract is June 9, 2006.

Abstracts should be submitted through the conference Web site

If you need assistance, please contact Shannon Prendergast, Tetra Tech, Inc. (EPA contractor), phone: 703-385-6000, ext. 358; e-mail: Shannon.prendergast@tetratech-ffx.com.

We will notify those whose submissions are approved for presentation at the conference by July 10 and send further instruction at that time.

Please check the EPA beach program website for the link to the 2006
National Beach Conference website, it will be up soon.

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