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GLIN==> Conference Hotel Rate Expiring: Toward Wildlife Friendly Wind Power: A Focus on the Great Lakes June 27-29

Toward Wildlife Friendly Wind Power:  A Focus on the Great Lakes

 The Toledo Hilton is holding a block of rooms at a special conference rate of $70/night (federal  
 government rate; single or double) until June 2, 2006, we are negotiating to extend this rate for 
 another 10 days, but the rate will go up to $150/night when this expires. Call 419-381-6800 to    
 make reservations, and be sure to indicate that you are with the "2006 Wildlife and Windpower     
 Conference" to get this special rate, which will be available Sunday, June 25 through Thursday,   
 June 29.                                                                                          

Government agencies, nongovernment organizations, scientists and wind
industry representatives will gather June 27-29, 2006 in Toledo, Ohio,
to explore opportunities for minimizing wind power effects on wildlife,
share resources, and develop consistent management approaches, with a
focus on the Great Lakes basin.

Who should attend?
*     Local, state, provincial, federal and tribal agencies
*     Nongovernmental organizations
*     Researchers studying fish and wildlife issues
*     Wind energy industry

Conference sessions will focus on:
*     Communicating information about potential wildlife concerns of
wind power generation

*     Sharing resources available to help make informed decisions about
where wind power facilities should be located

*     Advancing knowledge of land-based and offshore wind and wildlife,
including impacts to wildlife, tools and techniques, risk and impact
      assessments, laws and regulations, siting protocols, and

*     Developing consistent research and management approaches for
resource managers, regulators, scientists, decision makers, the wind energy
industry, conservationists, elected officials and other stakeholders

Registration information, agenda, lodging information, directions and
conference updates will be on-line at:

If interested in being a conference supporting partner, or in providing an
or poster, please indicate on the registration form.   Attendance will be
limited and there is high interest, so we encourage you to register and
make your lodging arrangements as soon as possible.  Questions or concerns
may be
directed to me.  Hope to see you in Toledo!

Richard Greenwood
    USFWS Liaison to USEPA Great Lakes National Program Office
    Team Leader Great Lakes Basin Ecosystem Team Great Lakes National
Program Office
77 West Jackson Blvd. (G-17J)
Chicago, IL 60604
Ph:  312-886-3853  Fax:  312-353-2018
Email:  rich_greenwood@fws.gov

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