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GLIN==> Great Lakes Town Hall Offers New Polling and Search Features

Great Lakes Town Hall Adds Opinion Polls and Searchable Archive Online


Madison, WI - Biodiversity Project is pleased to announce two new features on their Great Lakes Town Hall Web site.  The site now features a searchable archive of posts from users throughout the U.S. and Canada and a regular opinion poll on the site’s home page, at www.greatlakestownhall.org.


The Great Lakes Town Hall is a Web-based resource that seeks to provide a forum for the rich diversity of residents of the Great Lakes region. Together, the eight Great Lakes states and two Canadian provinces are home to more than 42 million people. The Great Lakes are at the heart of this community and Biodiversity Project’s interactive Web site, www.greatlakestownhall.org, was designed to connect the many voices, opinions, ideas and experiences that shape our regional identity.


The homepage poll allows visitors to quickly share their opinions on topical issues affecting the Great Lakes.  The instant results page includes additional information for those who vote along with links to learn more. 


The Great Lakes Town Hall, which has been online for just six months, has a growing list of more than 550 original essays, comments, and postings by hundreds of authors, scientists, activists, and residents of the U.S. and Canada.  The new searchable archive function allows site visitors to quickly and easily find content, either by key word, subject, author, or date. 


Now, journalists, decision makers, environmentalists and community leaders have a tool to capture the voices of the region on a variety of Great Lakes topics.  And, if visitors can’t find what they’re searching for, they can always start their own topic in the “Community Bulletin” section.


The Great Lakes Town Hall includes a variety of resources, opportunities for interactive discussions, networking, and more. The site also includes lighter fare in its “Celebrate the Lakes” sections, including Great Lakes arts news, photos, tourism suggestions, and more.


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The Great Lakes Town Hall is funded by a grant from the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network & Fund. Dave Dempsey, serves as Town Hall co-moderator, inviting guest speakers, introducing the weekly featured issue, and otherwise facilitating discussion and information exchange between participants. The site is managed by Paige Wilder, Great Lakes Program Assistant, with technical assistance from Tamara Tsurkan. Jeffrey Potter, Director of Communications Programs, oversees the project and contributes content as needed. Please visit the site for more details at:  www.greatlakestownhall.org


Biodiversity Project advocates for biodiversity by designing and implementing innovative communication strategies that build and motivate a broad constituency to protect biodiversity. A national organization based in Madison, Wisconsin, Biodiversity Project has worked with leaders in policy, advocacy, education, science, religious and grant-making fields since 1995. For more information, visit www.biodiversityproject.org and www.greatlakesforever.org.



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