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GLIN==> Madison-based Biodiversity Project Seeks Development Assist. to Support Great Lakes and other programs

Full Details below and at www.biodiversityproject.org

Please forward if you know any interested parties.

Position:  Development Assistant
Posted June 7, 2006
Deadline for Application:  June 30, 2006

Biodiversity Project seeks a 1/2 - 3/4 time staff person to assist with the
organization's development program.

Biodiversity Project is a Madison, Wisconsin-based non-profit which, since
1995, has developed cutting edge communications and messaging strategies to
help environmental organizations more effectively communicate to the public
about biodiversity, the Great Lakes, and a wide range of other environmental
issues. The organization maintains a unique niche by putting into practice
values-based communications strategies and theories developed from
scientific polling, research and evaluation. (Some examples of current Great
Lakes collaborative projects can be viewed at www.greatlakesforever.org
and www.greatlakestownhall.org.)

Biodiversity Project is an equal opportunity employer, and provides
generously and offers professional development opportunities for staff.  

The Development Assistant:
Development Assistant will report directly to the Executive Director, but
will work closely with all staff. Position has potential to become full

Tasks include:

.  Research potential corporate sponsors and partners for existing and
prospective programs.
.  Research foundations (particularly small family foundations) and
individuals that would be likely supporters of our various programs.
.  Prepare draft letters of introduction, letters of inquiry, and other
communications with prospective funders.
.  Assist in maintenance and upgrading of database.
.  Handle logistics for fundraising events, such as receptions and special
.  Assist in organizing, scheduling, and logistics for conversations and
visits with potential funders and donors.
.  Assist in development of marketing and promotional materials for partner
and sponsor recruitment


Academic: Bachelor's or higher degree, with well-developed writing skills
Computer Skills: MS Office, MS Access or other database, Desktop Publishing
Work Style: Self-starter with good self-discipline and work habits, able to
track and shift easily between multiple projects.
Personal Characteristics: Works well with others, accepting and giving
suggestions with grace and compassion; appealing, charismatic presence, able
to socialize easily with people from all walks of life.
Professional Background: previous development and/or communications work

To Apply:

Please send resume, cover letter, writing sample, and references by June 30,
2006 to project@biodiverse.org.

Application deadline: June 30, 2006.   

Jeffrey Potter
Director of Communications Programs
Biodiversity Project
214 N. Henry St. #201
Madison, WI  53703
P:  608-250-9876 x12
F:  608-257-3513
Donate and learn more online:  www.biodiversityproject.org
Help the Great Lakes, visit:      www.greatlakesforever.org
Meet your neighbors, chat at:   www.greatlakestownhall.org


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