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GLIN==> Great Lakes Town Hall Welcomes Lake Superior Bi-National Program

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This week, the Great Lakes Town Hall is pleased to welcome members of the
Lake Superior Binational Program, an unconventional partnership of private
citizens, businesses, non-profits and government agencies - from boths sides
of the Great Lakes - working together to protect and restore Lake Superior.
Don't miss your chance to respond to a new essay from the Binational Program
every day this week - only in the Great Lakes Town Hall!

The Lake Superior Binational Program is a partnership of governments,
businesses, industries, native organizations, universities, environmental
groups, and the public from the U.S. and Canada that are dedicated to
protecting and restoring the Lake Superior basin?s air, land, and water
resources. The Program achieves its objectives through a Zero Discharge
Demonstration Program, a binational Lakewide Management Plan (LaMP), and
joint outreach projects. 

The Program consists of four main components that work together to meet LaMP
goals and objectives: A Task Force, a Superior Work Group, a public Forum,
and the general public. 

Each day this week we will describe these four groups, as well as highlight
Lake Superior Day (Sunday, July 16th) and the 2006 recipients of an annual
environmental stewardship awards program.

Click www.greatlakestownhall.org to see Lake Superior Bi-National Program
essays in the Great Lakes Town Hall 

In addition to guest speakers, the Great Lakes Town Hall focuses on a new
featured Great Lakes issue each week. All this month I?ll be standing in for
my co-moderator Dave Dempsey ? this week's topic is: Is it Time to Rename
the Great Lakes?: "Sure, like most Americans, I love the French, but the
decision by English cartographers to adopt the Grands Lacs as the Great
Lakes was a big mistake. Wouldn?t you rather talk about your ?seaside?
vacation than your ?lakeside? vacation? And think of the tourism boost!
Every state and province has a lake, they?re dime-a-dozen, but how many have

Don't miss this great opportunity to read and comment on our featured issue
- Is it Time to Rename the Great Lakes? - and the views of our guest
speaker, the Lake Superior Binational Program, in the Great Lakes Town Hall.

Guest speakers contribute content on a Great Lakes topic of their choice for
five days. While there are basic rules of conduct, guest speakers are
unedited and diverse views are welcome. If you are interested in serving as
a guest speaker, please reply to this email. 

Your Great Lakes Neighbor,

Jeffrey Potter 
Biodiversity Project's Great Lakes Town Hall 

Director of Communications Programs
Biodiversity Project
214 N. Henry St. #201
Madison, WI  53703
P:  608-250-9876 x12
F:  608-257-3513
Donate and learn more online:  www.biodiversityproject.org
Help the Great Lakes, visit:      www.greatlakesforever.org
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