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GLIN==> Great Lakes Dune Conference on October 3-4, 2006 in Traverse City, Michigan

Great Lakes Dune Conference
     "Developing a Basinwide Coalition for Research, Management and
                           October 3-4, 2006
  The Hagerty Center at the Great Lakes Campus of NW Michigan College;
                        Traverse City, Michigan

Great Lakes dune conservation has been pursued with great dedication by
a great many workers in the eight Great Lakes States and Ontario. Never
have such workers gathered together to pool knowledge and formulate a
common cause for their efforts. The goal of  this first ever Great Lakes
Dune Conference will be to establish a Great Lakes Sand Dune Ecosystem
Coalition that will bring together all persons in the US and Canada
currently involved in sand dune related research, education efforts,
management, monitoring and other activities, in an effort to share
information and increase the awareness of this unique ecosystem.

The Great Lakes National Program Office of the US Environmental
Protection Agency (www.epa.gov/grtlakes) has provided funding
administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (www.nfwf.org)
for this conference. Additional support has been provided by the Great
Lakes Water Studies Institute of Northwestern Michigan College
(www.nmc.edu/hagertycenter) and NY Sea Grant (www.nysgextension.org).
Conference hosts also include the Coastal Zone Management Program of
Michigan Department of Environmental Quality www.michigan.gov/deq, Lake
Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation http://lakehuron.on.ca, National
Park Service www.nps.gov, Northwestern Michigan College
http://www.nmc.edu, Ohio Department of Natural Resources
www.dnr.state.oh.us/dnap, The Nature Conservancy
http://nature.org/michigan, Sea Grant Programs in NY
www.nysgextension.org, MI www.miseagrant.umich.edu, and WI
www.seagrant.wisc.edu, and Wilfred Laurier University http://www.wlu.ca

Come and share your expertise and get in on the ground floor to develop
a basinwide strategy for environmentally responsible Great Lakes dune

Registration fee: $50 US
Accommodations: $65 US/night

To learn more, submit a poster, and register: www.nysgdunes.org

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