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GLIN==> This Week in the Town Hall: James Rowen on the Compact, Favorite Lakes, and More

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James Rowen on the Great Lakes Compact:  This week, the Great Lakes Town Hall is pleased to welcome James Rowen, Wisconsin journalist and former Chief of Staff for Madison Mayor Paul Soglin and Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist. Jim invites you to join him in discussing the Annex 2001 Implementing Agreements. The agreements, signed by the eight Great Lakes governors and the Ontario and Quebec premiers in December 2005, are designed to regulate water withdrawals from the Great Lakes drainage basin. Don't miss your chance to respond to a new essay from Jim every day this week.

Dave Dempsey on Your Favorite Lakes:  In addition to guest speakers, the Great Lakes Town Hall focuses on a new featured Great Lakes issue each week. This week Town Hall co-moderator Dave Dempsey asks What's Your Favorite Great Lake And Why?

How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Restoration?:  This week we continue our online polling question.  Vote and view results on our homepage!

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