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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 01 September 2006

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What's New & Notable
01 September 2006

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The Healing Our Waters® (HOW) - Great Lakes Coalition

GLIN Site of the Month The Healing Our Waters® (HOW) - Great Lakes Coalition consists of more than 90 organizations across the region and around the country that are working to restore the health of the Great Lakes. The mission of the HOW coalition is to secure significant state and federal support to end sewage dumping that closes our beaches, stop invasive species that crowd out our fish and wildlife, and reduce toxic mercury that contaminates the fish we eat. The Second Annual Great Lakes Restoration Conference will be held Sept. 22-24 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Great Lakes Dune Conference

The goal of the first-ever Great Lakes Dune Conference, Oct. 3-4 in Traverse City, Mich., is to establish a Great Lakes Sand Dune Ecosystem Coalition that will bring together parties, both in the U.S. and Canada, currently involved in dune-related research and other activities.


Hey, kids! Beaches are a place to play, watch wildlife, fish, and swim. Check out the new BeachKids site to learn about beaches and how to enjoy them safely.

Acheson Ventures: Enhancing the quality of life in Port Huron, Michigan

The philanthropic organization Acheson Ventures is leading a unique 10-year plan to revitalize a mile long piece of property along the St. Clair River, on the south side of Port Huron, Mich. The area is highlighted by Vantage Point, which includes the Great Lakes Maritime Center, World Headquarters of BoatNerd.com, the newly renovated Port Huron Seaway Terminal, and the tall ship Highlander Sea.

Great Lakes Geographic Information System

The primary objective of the Great Lakes Geographic Information System Project is to integrate data from each lake basin into a common database to provide an inventory of basin-wide aquatic resources. The User Guide is intended to introduce and orient users to the Great Lakes GIS Project. Users can find information on goals and objectives, data and projects available in the Great Lakes GIS.

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