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GLIN==> 2007 National Sea Grant Law Center Grants Program RFP

2007 National Sea Grant Law Center Grants Program


This request for proposals (RFP) is designed to attract proposals that
address one or more of the following Sea Grant thematic areas:
Aquaculture, Aquatic Invasive Species; Biotechnology; Coastal
Communities and Economies; Coastal Natural Hazards; Ecosystem and
Habitats; Fisheries; Marine Technology (Ocean Observing Systems,
underwater vehicles, offshore structures, etc.); Seafood Science and
Technology; and Urban Coasts (ports, harbors, waterways, etc.).


The Law Center anticipates approximately $550,000 in Federal funding
available for research and outreach projects in 2007. The recommended
funding level for an individual project is approximately $50,000 -
$75,000, including all facilities and administrative costs (F&A) -
formerly called "indirect costs." Matching funds equal to one
non-federal dollar for every two dollars (50 percent) of the federal
funding must be provided. Multi-institutional/agency and
interdisciplinary projects are strongly encouraged and may exceed the
recommended funding level if the collaborative nature of the project
clearly demonstrates justification for a higher funding level and the
rationale is deemed appropriate. 


To be eligible to submit a full proposal a Letter of Intent (LOI) is
required.  The deadline for submitting the LOI is 5 p.m. Central Time on
September 29, 2006.  LOI should be submitted via e-mail to 
sshowalt@olemiss.edu <mailto:sshowalt@olemiss.edu> .  Full proposals are
due by 5 p.m. Central Time on December 1, 2006.


Please contact Stephanie Showalter (sshowalt@olemiss.edu) on
programmatic matters. Law Center Phone: (662) 915-7775

RFP in PDF format is attached.