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GLIN==> IJC Urbanization Symposium in Chicago

International Joint Commission Urbanization Symposium Held in Chicago - Stepping Stone to 2007 Biennial Meeting on Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement in Chicago in June 2007.


The Science Advisory Board of the International Joint Commission hosted an “International Symposium on Urban Impacts – Global Lessons for the Great Lakes” in Chicago September 25-26, 2006, as part of its 2005-2007 Priorities cycle.  The Symposium will assist the Commission’s preparations for its 2007 Biennial Meeting to be held in Chicago in June, 2006.


The Conference featured over 20 presentations on the topic of Urbanization and its effects on water quality from Canadian and American experts, as well as presenters from Japan, the European Community and Australia


The outcomes of this Symposium will ultimately be used by IJC Commissioners in formulating advice on urbanization to senior levels of federal, state, provincial and municipal governments.


The 2007 Biennial Meeting will be held in Chicago in June on the Campus of the University of Illinois, Chicago.  Further details will be announced as they are finalized.


The Symposium’s agenda and other information are available upon request to Doug Alley in the IJC’s Great Lakes Regional Office at AlleyD@windsor.ijc.org or (519) 257-6703.