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GLIN==> Great Lakes News: Between Editions, October 2006


October 2006


GLU Launches New E-Services

Public Placed in Dangerous Binational Crossfire

An Unsettling Settlement

GLU Hosts Workshop at State of the Lakes

Water Quality Review: on track, but problematic

Getting Heard in Great Lakes News

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GLU Launches New E-Services

Welcome to a new service by Great Lakes United! Between Editions is a monthly e-bulletin that replaces the old GLU-Watch list. In addition to our aquatic invasive species and navigation lists, we will also offer new e-mail lists on clean production, water diversion.

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Public Placed in Dangerous Binational Crossfire

The US Coast Guard’s proposal to conduct live fire training on the Great Lakes to the surprise of the Canadian government and citizens of the US and Canada underlines the need for stronger binational cooperation and communication.  This time, however, mistakes could mean injury or death to a public caught in the crossfire.

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An Unsettling Settlement

In June New York State announced that Occidental Corporation would pay $12 million for damages to natural resources.  Though the importance of this deal cannot be underestimated in terms of engaging in clean-up actions now, the deal also includes a clause that would release Occidental Chemical from liability for its current and past operations on the Niagara River, Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River

Is this a deal with a short term gain in exchange for a dangerous long-term risk?  What if the containment measures fail?   Who will be held responsible if some of the most frightening dumpsites on the planet spring a leak?

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GLU Hosts Workshop at State of the Lakes

Great Lakes United is excited to be sponsoring a green chemistry workshop at the upcoming State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC). Green chemistry is a new approach to chemical design and is poised to reconfigure how industrial chemical production in the Great Lakes Basin.

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Water Quality Review: On Track, but Problematic

The GLU GreenBook for restoring the Great Lakes was an agenda ahead of its time.  Citizen’s from across the Great Lakes basin are now calling for federal support to restore the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence watersheds.

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Getting Heard in Great Lakes News

There are several ways for members and non-members of Great Lakes United to have their voices heard in Great Lakes News.

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Support Great Lakes United

Great Lakes United is approaching its twenty-fifth anniversary.  Since our founding we have worked tirelessly and successfully with governments, industry, unions, citizens, First Nations and Tribes to better protect and restore the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.  Our success is only possible with the generous support and commitment of our members; we are a strong because our members have made us so.  Great Lakes United is a testament to the value of cooperation between a diverse and committed coalition of groups and individuals that cut across social, political and economic divides.

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