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GLIN==> Environmental Group Files 60-Day Notice On Coast Guard and US EPA

For Immediate Release ? Thursday Nov. 9, 2006
Contact ? Steven B. Pollack, Blue Eco Legal Council, 847-436-9566, steve@ecoesq.com
Friendly Fire For Coast Guard From Environmental Group
Highland Park, IL. ? An environmental group today filed a sixty-day notice of intent to sue the Coast Guard and US EPA for violations of several environmental laws.
According to Steven B. Pollack, Executive Director for the Blue Eco Legal Council, the Coast Guard?s live fire exercises illegally discharge lead waste in the form of spent bullets into U.S. waters and onto the lake beds of the Great Lakes. 
The discharges allegedly violate several federal environmental statutes including the Clean Water Act, RCRA, the Rivers and Harbors Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and CERCLA.  These statutes provide for citizen suits in the case where the state and federal regulators are not enforcing the law.
After sixty days, if the Coast Guard has not ceased the live fire exercises or if the Illinois Attorney General or US EPA has not commenced enforcement of the laws, the group is free to file suit in federal court.
According to the group, the federal government has no right to discharge bullets, the lead inside being a persistent bioaccumulative toxin, onto the lake beds because they are titled in, and held in public trust by, the Great Lakes states.
The Blue Eco Legal Council is a membership organization engaged in environmental advocacy and litigation with the goal of helping the regulatory community make better environmental decisions. www.BlueEco.org

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