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GLIN==> Fort Sheridan - Public Comment Meeting - 7pm Nov. 16, Highwood

Fort Sheridan - Public Comment Meeting - Nov. 16 Highwood
Bathgems (Highland Park, IL)  

The oral comments for the final remedial action at Landfill 6 & 7 at Fort Sheridan is scheduled for November 16, 2006 at 7 PM in the Glencoe Room at the Moraine Hotel in Highwood. The Moraine Hotel is located at 700 Sheridan Road in Highwood. The Proposed Plan for the Landfill 6 & 7 Final Remedy will be discussed and comments will be taken.

This is the issue that drove me from being a goldsmith/artist to law school. Please attend to oppose the capping of Landfill 6 & 7, a hazardous waste Superfund-caliber landfill, next to Lake Michigan. A cap is not a permanent remedy in the unstable North Shore bluffs.

The bluff within which this landfill sits is eroding at a long term average 10" per year. In the next 50-100 years containment will fail and Landfill 7 will end up in Lake Michigan. Our treatment plants have no contingency plan for this type of waste.

I will be handing out information packages showing how U.S. EPA agrees with me that the cap will not be protective. Unfortunately the Army sidelined EPA and maintained lead agency status. But to be clear, U.S. EPA does not sign on to this plan and revoked its prior concurrence.

Unfortunately for Illinois citizens, the IEPA is not the most agressive of state agencies.

Please attend this very important meeting!


Steven B. Pollack

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