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GLIN==> Low Impact Development Roundtable in Toronto

RiverSides and the Canadian Urban Institute are hosting a roundtable discussion of how to achieve low impact development for the planned community of Seaton in the GTA Greenbelt. Noted U.S. developer John A Clark (Haymount, Virginia) will outline the process by which he designed and developed Haymount in conversation with Toronto architect John Van Nostrand, a leading planner and architect of Seaton. This roundtable is the first in a series of events hosted by RiverSides to advance the understanding and application of Low Impact Development in the Greater Toronto Area by encouraging discussion, knowledge building and partnerships between developers, municipal officials, watershed protection NGOs and the public.


We look forward to your participation.

Profiting >From Sustainability: Low Impact Development Techniques that yield High Impact Results

John A. Clark, Director, Greening America

Developers and builders use Low Impact Development (LID) techniques of smart growth and ecological design to minimize harmful impacts on our waterways, and to conserve electricity and water throughout a development. This engaging breakfast seminar outlines how applied LID techniques protect fragile greenbelt resources around Toronto, while ensuring that development is economically viable and profitable.
Noted U.S. developer, John A Clark, will explain why he chose LID management practices for the development of Haymount, a 1700 acre, 4,000-unit town in rural Virginia. When complete, Haymount will recycle its own water, have distinct and walkable neighbourhoods, an organic farm, and a greenbelt among other features of sustainable design. John van Nostrand, noted Canadian architect and planner will discuss how these concepts can be applied to Seaton, a planned community northeast of Toronto.

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RiverSides is a not for profit NGO specializing in low impact development for urban watersheds, and advanced social marketing of storm water management best management practices. For more information visit, www.riversides.org

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Date: December 7, 2006
Time: 7:45AM to 9:45AM
Location: Metro Hall, Room 308/309, 55 John St., Toronto, ON - Fees: $32.00 CUI Members/Students -$40.00 Non-members



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