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GLIN==> IAGLR 2007 Conference - Call for Papers

Title: IAGLR 2007 Conference - Call for Papers

IAGLR 2007 Conference - Call for Papers
Deadline: January 11, 2007
The International Association for Great Lakes Research invites you to participate in the 50th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, to be held May 28 - June 1, 2007, at Penn State in University Park, Penn. We welcome abstract submissions for both oral and poster presentations.

50 Years of the IAGLR Conference: Past, Present and Future is the theme for this year's conference, with eight sessions devoted specifically to that theme. In addition, a significant number of sessions explore aspects of Human Health and Human Dimensions, Management and Decision Making, and Planning, Assessment, and Restoration. In all, 38 separate sessions have been proposed, including a general contribution session should a paper not fit clearly within these designated sessions.

All interested persons are invited to submit abstracts for consideration. All oral presentations will be scheduled for Tuesday, May 29, through Friday, June 1, and the poster session will be on Tuesday evening. Both oral and poster presentations will require an abstract. Please note that oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute question/discussion period. Depending on the number of abstracts received and the time available, we may request that some abstracts submitted as oral presentations be moved to the poster session. To that end, we are further requesting that only one abstract be submitted per senior author.

Proposed Sessions:
To view the proposed sessions and session chairs please go to

We encourage authors to submit abstracts for specific session topics but also will consider general contributions. If you are uncertain about the most suitable placement for your paper, please contact the special session chairs. Contact information for session chairs and descriptions of the proposed sessions are available online. Depending on the number of abstracts received and on the time and space available, proposed sessions may be combined or additional sessions arranged.

Abstract Submission:
All abstracts must be submitted via the IAGLR Abstract Submission Center:

Please limit your abstract title to no more than 250 characters, and the body of your abstract to no more than 1,350 characters (approximately 200 words). These limits are reinforced by the script online. (See the sample abstract for an idea of length.) If pasting in the text, it may be helpful to check the length in your word processor before doing so. Please note that the code for special characters (e.g., to add italics) counts toward length. Also note that spaces count toward length. Your word processor might not count these, so allow yourself some extra room. If you're running close to the limit, one easy way to gain characters is to use just one space after each period, rather than the two frequently used.

To be most useful for the conference delegates, abstracts should describe results and the relevance of the work or research being done as well as the implications of the work for advancing our knowledge or the effectiveness of policy. PLEASE WRITE YOUR ABSTRACT FOR A GENERAL AUDIENCE. (i.e., As much as possible, try to make your abstract readable for people outside your field.) YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. All abstracts must be submitted via the IAGLR web site. Abstracts are due by January 11, 2007.

Authors will be notified of the general acceptance of their abstract by January 30, 2007, and notified of the date and time of their presentation by mid March.

Contact Information
For more information please contact the conference site co-chairs or program committee chair:
Conference Co-Chairs
Reach the conference co-chairs at
Conference Co-Chairs
Hunter Carrick
School of Forest Resources

Eric Obert

Program Chair
Bob Heath