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GLIN==> What's New & Notable, 02 January 2007

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What's New & Notable
02 January 2007

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Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative

GLIN Site of the Month The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative is a coalition of Canadian and U.S. mayors and other local officials that works actively with federal, state and provincial governments to advance the protection and restoration of the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River. The Initiative has been active on a number of policy fronts, helping mayors have an active voice in the development and implementation of policies and programs on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence.

Shrimp joins Great Lakes invader list

Hemimysis anomala, a shrimp native to the Caspian and Black seas, has been found in the Muskegon, Mich., area of Lake Michigan. Juveniles and mature females were found in the channel connecting Muskegon Lake to Lake Michigan, indicating that the species is likely reproducing in the Great Lakes. Photos of Hemimysis anomala, courtesy of the NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

Natural Spaces Program

The Natural Spaces Program is a voluntary partnership program that will help reduce loss of greenspace in southern Ontario by encouraging landowners to restore and protect natural areas on their properties.

Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

NRF's mission is to create opportunities for people who care about Wisconsin's lands, waters and wildlife to deepen their understanding and appreciation for these natural resources, to support state and local conservation programs, and to establish conservation endowments.

Plant Materials Program and National Ash Tree Seed Collection Initiative

In the event that the emerald ash borer cannot be contained, the Rose Lake Plant Materials Center is taking steps to see that the ash tree doesn't vanish forever by storing ash tree seed that can be used as the genetic base for work to re-establish ash trees for future generations.

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