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GLIN==> Great PM 2.5 "Hazy Blob" Satellite Shot, 06/23/2002

.....on breathing air you can see.....

While surfing at the NASA MODIS terra/aqua satellite site I came
across the following imagery of the upper midwest on 6/23/2002, which
happened to be one of the worst ozone air pollution days we had in Michigan
in many years.   While you cannot see ozone, that day there was undoubtedly high
PM 2.5 as well (although I cannot locate data for this day at just this second).

Heavy PM 2.5 aerosal is apparent throughout southern lower Michigan, southern
Ontario, northern Indiana and Ohio, northeastern Pennsylvania and Western
New York----this is what Dr. Rudy Husar calls a multi-state "hazy blob"


[I wouldn't try to download this with a dial up connnection]

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