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GLIN==> New GLIN Maps & GIS for the Great Lakes region

The Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN), managed by the Great Lakes
Commission, is pleased to announce the release of new GLIN Maps & GIS
pages for the region. See http://gis.glin.net

Current datasets available focus on Great Lakes biota, geo/political
boundaries, climate/meteorology/atmosphere, elevation, environment,
basemaps/earth cover, inland waters/hydrography, and more. Registered users
can also upload/publish their own Great Lakes-themed data.

The mission of GLIN Maps and GIS is to provide a centralized location to
discover and acquire geospatial data for areas within the Great Lakes
region. The site has four major components: 1) a portal for
viewing and exploring the Great Lakes and associated data layers, 2) a data
portal (GLINDA) through which GIS and geospatial data for the Great
Lakes can be acquired, 3) a gallery of downloadable images depicting Great
Lakes geophysical data, and 4) a collection of links and tools intended to
connect users to additional resources relating to Great Lakes datasets.

Among the many new features of the new site is the Great Lakes
Information Network Data Access Clearinghouse (GLINDA). GLINDA is an
open source-driven, standards-compliant system intended to facilitate
the discovery, dissemination and publication of Great Lakes-themed
geospatial datasets. Data residing within GLINDA come from a variety of
sources including federal, state and non-governmental organizations.
These data are available in a variety of popular formats including KML
(for Googlemaps), Shapefiles, PDF, GIF, WMS, WFS, and GML.

Established by the Great Lakes Commission in 1993, GLIN is web-based
information service that provides a broad range of news and information
related to the Great Lakes' environment, economy, tourism, education and

Questions and comments can be routed through the GLINDA Feedback/Contact
at http://gis.glin.net/glindaContact.php, or contact Pete Giencke at

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