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GLIN==> New Ohio Sea Grant Twine Line Now On Line

The new Twine Line is now available at http://www.ohioseagrant.osu.edu/_documents/twineline/v28i4.pdf


This special double issue covers Ohio Sea Grant highlights from summer through the end of 2006.



In This Issue….


  • Research Finds Cleaner Water Increases Lake Erie Property Values


  • Ohio State University’s Exurban Change Project


  • New Metro High School Incorporates Stone Lab Curricula


  • New Sea Grant Staff and Merchandise


  • Great Lakes Fisheries Leadership Institute


  • Ohio Coastal Training Program


  • Lake Erie Discussion Board


  • 2006 Program Summary


  • Fish Virus and Regulations


  • Stone Lab Research: Mayflies: A Possible Source of Phosphorus Loading


  • Put-in-Bay Harbor Clean-up


  • 2007 Stone Lab Summer Courses


  • Friends of Stone Lab
    • Student Spotlight
    • REU Scholarship Program
    • FOSL’s 25th Anniversary
    • 2007 Winter Program & Silent Auction


  • New License Plate Now on Sale