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GLIN==> Great Lakes Budget Information

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The Administration’s Fiscal Year 2008 budget, which outlines federal agency spending, was released today. For detailed information, go to http://www.bbasystems.com/Picoftheweek/2007/0205/budget%20links.htm.  Some of the FY-08 highlights for the Great Lakes include the following and are compared to the Fiscal Year 2006 enacted levels in parenthesis:



  • Great Lakes Legacy Act:  $35.0 million ($29.6 million)
  • Great Lakes National Program Office: $21.76 million ($ 21.16 million)


Corps of Engineers:

  • Great Lakes Navigation System Study:  $800,000 ($1.29 million)
  • Chicago Ship & Sanitary Canal Barrier: $7.65 million ($400,000)



  • Coastal Zone Management Grants:  $66.15 million ($66.08 million)


State Department


  • Great Lakes Fishery Commission:  $12.14 million ($14.68 million)
  • International Joint Commission:  $6.77 million ($6.42 million)



Joy Mulinex

Great Lakes Task Force Director

Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) & George V. Voinovich (R-OH)

Northeast-Midwest Institute

(202) 224-1211