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GLIN==> Fourth Annual Lake Superior Binational Forum Awards Program Now Open

The Lake Superior Binational Program*

Seeks Nominations for its Fourth Annual


2007 Environmental Stewardship Awards Program

 “Honoring Extraordinary Achievements by Ordinary People”


Lake Superior is one of the world’s biggest and most unusual lakes and therefore deserves special attention and protection. Do you know of someone whose efforts to protect or restore the Lake Superior basin’s natural environment are truly superior? If so, help make others in the basin aware of their contributions by nominating them for this binational awards program!


            The nomination period for the awards is now open. Deadline for completed applications is Friday, April 13, 2007. Applications may be made by the nominee (self-nominated) or by making a nomination on another’s behalf. Members of the Lake Superior Binational Program* review each nomination and select a winner in each category from each country. Judges may also make Honorary Mention awards to suitable nominations.


            Winners will be notified in June. Each winner will receive a commemorative award made by a regional artist and a framed certificate at an awards ceremony in July. Award winners will also be honored at an event at the State of Lake Superior Conference in Duluth, MN, in October 2007. Honorary Mention winners will receive a framed certificate and be mentioned in press releases.


            A full nomination packet is available at the Lake Superior Binational Forum’s* website at http://www.superiorforum.info. Click on Current Projects. The nomination application is below.


For more information in the US, contact the US Forum Coordinator at (715) 682-1489; or awards@northland.edu. In Canada, contact the Canadian Forum Coordinator at (807) 343-8811; or bnicol@lakeheadu.ca


Lake Superior Day is July 15, 2007 (held annually on the third Sunday in July)


*The Lake Superior Binational Program represents a partnership of federal, state, provincial, and First Nations/tribal governments working together with citizens to ensure the protection of the Lake Superior basin ecosystem. The Lake Superior Binational Forum is a citizen stakeholder group of Americans and Canadians who work together to provide input to governments about these efforts and to educate basin residents about ways to protect and restore the lake basin’s natural resources.

The Forum is funded in the US by the US Environmental Protection Agency/Great Lakes National Program Office and in Canada by Environment Canada. The US Coordinator is located at the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College in Ashland, WI; the Canadian Coordinator is at Lakehead University In Thunder Bay, Ontario.



Lake Superior Binational Program

2007 Environmental Stewardship Awards Program

Nomination Form

 “Honoring Extraordinary Achievements by Ordinary People”


Deadline for Submission: Friday, April 13, 2007




Name of Nominee:

CATEGORY (Select one): Youth; Individual Adult; Business; Industry; Community Group/Municipality/Tribe or First Nations.


Contact Person for the Nominee:                                                                                                            




Zip Code:



Web Address (if any):


Application Questions

1. What environmental need did the nominee address?


2. What kind of solution or action did the nominee develop to address the identified need? Describe any unique or innovative aspects of the activity or initiative, especially regarding any special challenges that had to be overcome to reach your goals.


3. What effect or impact did the nominee have on the natural environment? Include in your response as much measurable impact as possible when describing the scope or breadth of this impact within your work.


4. What specific examples, data, or other evidence demonstrates the environmental effect or impact described above?


5. Include any press reports that described the activity or initiative such as news articles or photographs, web articles, newsletter articles, etc. These are not essential or required, but they may help judges make a more informed decision.


6. To your knowledge, has the nominee or nominee’s organization been fined or cited for adverse environmental impacts at any time during the last three years?

            YES                NO


If yes, explain briefly:

7. Have you already won an award for this project?      YES               NO

            If yes, please explain:


I confirm that the above information is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.


Nominator’s Name:

Nominator’s Phone Number and Email:


Submission Information

Please email this nomination form to: awards@northland.edu no later than Friday, April 13, 2007. You can also FAX a nomination to (715) 682-1218 (a US phone number).


Please mail any supporting documentation to: Environmental Stewardship Awards Program, Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute, Northland College, 1411 Ellis Ave., Ashland, WI 54806.



Lissa Radke

US Coordinator

Lake Superior Binational Forum

Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute on the Northland College campus

1411 Ellis Ave.

Ashland  WI  54806

(715) 682-1489


"Water is life, and the quality of water determines the quality of life."

     --Lake Superior Binational Program vision statement

Lake Superior Day is Sunday, July 15, 2007!