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GLIN==> IJC's 13th Biennial Report calls for strong Great Lakes Accountability Framework

In its Thirteenth Biennial Report
<http://www.ijc.org/en/publications/pdf/13br_e.pdf> on Great Lakes Water
Quality, released <http://www.ijc.org/rel/news/070208_e.htm>  on
February 8, the International Joint Commission recommends that the
governments of Canada and the United States create and apply an
uncommonly strong Accountability Framework for Great Lakes restoration
and protection under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. 


The Thirteenth Biennial Report urges the governments to present a
preliminary Accountability Framework by June 2008. The report sets out
the following elements for such a Framework:


1.	Developing a rigorous, coordinated plan that identifies and
prioritizes the actions needed to realize the goals of the Agreement,
includes measurable targets and sets timelines for completion - such
targets and timelines are generally not in the current agreement.
2.	Whether it be an existing or a new organization, some binational
entity needs to be fully and clearly charged with the responsibility to
gather information that can be used to assess progress toward the
Agreement's purpose and goals.
3.	Providing substantive and meaningful progress reports on a
triennial basis; and
4.	Using the reports to review and adjust action plans.


The governments of the United States and Canada are currently leading a
comprehensive review of the Agreement, for the first time since 1987.
The Commission also recommended that the governments accelerate their
review so that the results coincide with the release of the draft
Accountability Framework.