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GLIN==> Press release: Great Lakes Underwater 2007 in Oswego March 10

Title: Press release: Great Lakes Underwater 2007 in Oswego March 10
PRESS RELEASE:  February 15, 2007
Contact: David White, 315-312-3042; Philip R. Church, 315-343-2062  
Jpgs available from karalynn@gisco.net, 315-465-7578

2007 Great Lakes Underwater March 10 in Oswego
Topics include The Age of Fighting Under Sail on the Great Lakes, An Underwater Revolutionary War Battlefield,
NYS Underwater Blueway Trail…

Oswego, NY -- Explore an underwater Revolutionary War battlefield… Experience the age of fighting under sail on the Great Lakes… Military shipwrecks of the Great Lakes is the theme of the 2007 Great Lakes Underwater conference set for March 10 in Oswego.

Canadian Author to Speak on Fighting Under Sail on the Great Lakes
Warships on the Great Lakes from 1754 to 1815 is the keynote topic of noted military and maritime author Robert Malcomson. Malcomson, of St. Catharines, Ontario, has published nine books and 250 articles on the military and naval history of the War of 1812. Among the topics he has written about are the HMS Detroit on Lake Erie, The Battle of Queenston Heights in 1812, and the naval officers of 1812. At Great Lakes Underwater 2007, Malcomson will highlight historic shipbuilding trends and the strategic use of squadrons on the lakes. He recently published an Historical Dictionary of the War of 1812. He is currently writing Flash of Valour about the American attack, capture and occupation of York in Upper Canada in April 1813.

Mapping an Underwater Revolutionary War Battlefield
Underwater archaeologist on Lake Champlain for the past 23 years, Erick Tichonuk has
helped discovered more than 150 Revolutionary War artifacts as part of a systematic mapping of Valcour Bay. Tichonuk, an education specialist with the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum, will share a unique perspective of the historic battle of Valcour Island and the artifact collection that reveals a new level of detail about the Revolution. Tichonuk also captains two replica vessels, the 1776 gondola Philadelphia II and the 1862 canal schooner Lois McClure.

The Discovery of the Milan
In June 2006, divers, shipwreck discoverers and electrical engineers James Kennard and Dan Scoville may have discovered the oldest commercial vessel found underwater off the southern
shore of Lake Ontario. They believe the ship was built in 1845 and sunk in 1849. The old schooner offshore from Oak Orchard in Orleans County has both of its nearly 20-foot-high masts still in place. Hear about the discovery and the remote-operated vehicle Scoville built to view the ship that rests at a depth of 200 feet.

How to Make a National Historic Register Nomination
Using the 135-foot, three-masted schooner St. Peter that rests upright in 117 feet of water in Lake Ontario off the Pultneyville shoreline as an example, Mark Peckham, National Register of Historic Places Unit Coordinator for the New York State Historic Preservation Office, will talk about how to nominate shipwrecks to the National Register. The St. Peter wrecked in 1898; only the captain survived. Some divers say the captain’s wife haunts the wreck.

NYS Underwater Blueway Trail
Six sites, including Oswego and Dunkirk on the Seaway Trail, are participating as pilot sites for the NYS Underwater Blueway Trail project. Steven Resler of New York’s Coastal Management Program will talk about the Department of State project designed to provide public access to shipwrecks for divers and to supply maritime heritage information to divers and nondivers alike.

His Majesty’s Schooner Anson a.k.a. Iroquoise
Dennis R. McCarthy of the St. Lawrence Historical Foundation will share the fascinating story of “The Search for His Majesty’s Schooner Anson.” The Anson began as a four-gun corvette and found new life after it was scuttled. Hear the complete story from McCarthy, who discovered the ship and did the research to identify the once-resurrected ship.

Great Lakes Underwater 2007 is held on the campus of SUNY Oswego. Registration is $25 ($20 for students) payable to Cornell University. For more information, contact New York Sea Grant, SUNY Oswego, Oswego, NY 13126, 315-312-3042 before March 2. Great Lakes Underwater 2007 is hosted by New York Sea Grant and the Oswego Maritime Foundation and co-sponsored by Seaway Trail, Inc. # # #