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GLIN==> Invitation to join a Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement list serv

Dear Great Lakes citizen,
This is an invitation to join a list serv established by Great Lakes United
to talk about the U.S.-Canada review of the Great Lakes Water Quality
You are receiving this invitation because sometime in the last year you
expressed an interest in the Agreement review.

Joining the list
To join the list, connect to http://list.glu.org/cgi-bin/lyris.pl. Choose
"glwqa" from the various lists that Great Lakes United is hosting. Contact
Reg Gilbert at reg@glu.org if you have any difficulties, questions, or
special requests related to the list.
Members of the list serv will be able to post messages to the list and get
messages from other list members in addition to receiving messages from
Great Lakes United. Unless it proves necessary at some point to review
messages before they are posted, the list will not be moderated. All
messages posted to the list will be immediately forwarded to list members.
We expect traffic on the list to be at most a few messages a week except
when Agreement-related events take place. At signup you can elect to receive
messages either one at a time (in real time when posted by senders) or in
the form of a single daily digest.
Status of the review
We understand that sometime in the next four to six weeks the Canadian and
U.S. governments will request public comment on review documents produced so
far. These documents will include a "synthesis" of the ten reports created
during the Agreement stakeholder review process carried out during 2006 and
the very beginning of 2007. Also available for comment will be the executive
summaries of the ten reports, as well as their full texts on CD. Comment is
said to be planned to last two months. At the moment it appears that the
governments do not plan to hold public hearings.
Great Lakes United will be posting messages to this list suggesting ways of
participating in the comment period, including Great Lakes United?s
assessment of the documents released by the governments.
The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement is the touchstone of Basin-wide
lakes protection efforts and an international model for binational
cooperation. Of late it has seemed to some to be less germane to lakes
protection than formerly. However, it should be kept in mind that the
current agreement is twenty years old, with several key lakes problems,
current and predicted, not a factor during the last renegotiation, in the
The Agreement is a big-picture tool to be used for long-term problems. As
such the Agreement can be difficult to organize around. Most activists know
it is important, but must concentrate on their local problems of today. But
the Agreement can help all of us achieve long-term basin-wide solutions,
which are necessary for solving our local problems. Thus the involvement of
all those able to muster interest in the Agreement is precious. Please join.
See you on the list serv.
John Jackson
Director, Clean Production
(519) 744-7503
Reg Gilbert
Senior Coordinator
(716) 362-3152

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