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GLIN==> This Week in the GL Town Hall - The Naked (Literally) Truth


This week in the Great Lakes Town Hall – The (Naked) Ladies of the Lake, A Grassroots Success Story – Join the discussion online!

This week, the Town Hall is pleased to welcome Annette Van Gerwin’s story of the “Ladies of the Lake.”  The Ladies of the Lake is a dynamic, organic grassroots organization made up of 100 warm and friendly women who are bringing people and government together to save Lake Simcoe in Ontario. Ladies of the Lake made its daring debut with the 2006 Ladies of the Lake calendar.  Their tasteful calendar exposed more than their bodies, it promoted the “naked truth” of the poor state of Lake Simcoe’s environment.  Their calendar and effort raised more than $240,000 for the cause and engaged countless new advocates.  Don't miss your chance to read about the Ladies of the Lake every day this week - only in the Great Lakes Town Hall!*

In addition to guest speakers, the Great Lakes Town Hall focuses on a new featured Great Lakes issue each week, provided by co-moderators Jeffrey Potter, Dave Dempsey and Gary Wilson. This week, Dave asks you to help build his list of 365 ways to help the Great Lakes!  Don't miss this great opportunity to read and comment on our featured issue – 365 Ways to Save the Great Lakes - and the views of our guest speakers, The Ladies of the Lake and Annette Van Gerwen, in the Great Lakes Town Hall.

Note:  Barack Obama still leads our poll on Great Lakes presidential candidates.  Cast your “vote” on our home page – www.greatlakestownhall.org  

* This posting is from “Let it Rain - from Runoff to Renewal:  Stories of Successful Stormwater Management Projects from the Field” a new publication of the Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network and Fund (GLAHNF.)  Check their website, www.glhabitat.org, and future Town Hall postings for more on this story, GLAHNF grassroots grants, and how you can order this and other GLAHNF publications.


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