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GLIN==> GL Conference with Denis Hayes and Margaret Atwood



Margaret Atwood and Denis Hayes
to Headline Great Lakes Conference

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The need for committed action to protect the Great Lakes hasn't been more clear.

This message will be driven home in June by two of the world's premier environmentalists, Margaret Atwood and Denis Hayes.

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The two join a broad roster of speakers attending Great Lakes United's 25th AGM and Conference, Reflecting Forward.

The event brings together environmentalists, academics, labour, citizens, and First Nations and Tribes from across the basin to work together to address the threats facing the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River.

We will celebrate the accomplishments of Great Lakes United on Friday night with Great People for the Great Lakes. This reception gala will feature a talk by Margaret Atwood.

On Saturday we will explore the challenges facing the basin in more detail through a diverse selection of workshops. Denis Hayes will give the keynote address discussing how renewable energy sources can counter the effects of climate change.

On Sunday morning John Jackson will lead a plenary discussion on how citizen action can revitalize the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, which is currently under review.

The event will be a chance to celebrate the successes of the past and work toward an agenda for the future. We look forward to seeing you there!


Great Lakes Water Wars

Bio-Regionalism and Poo:
Sewage Overflow in Your Backyard

The ABCs of AOCs:
Toxic Hotspots are Still not Cool

Climate Change Canary in the Coal Mine: Lake Superior

Aquatic Invasive Species:
The Ecological Benefit of a Salt-Free Diet

The Digital Grassroots:
Opportunities for Great Lakes Protection in Cyberspace

What Lies Beneath: Protecting Submerged Lands and Coastal Areas in a Changing Climate

When Blue is Green: Labour and the Environment

Nukes are Not Clean nor Green:
Rejecting Nuclear Power as the Solution to Climate Change


For a complete roster of speakers and
more information visit:


Great Lakes United: 25th AGM and Conference
June 15-17| Ryerson University | Toronto, Ontario




Brent Gibson

Communications Coordinator

Great Lakes United

bgibson@glu.org | http://www.glu.org


Celebrating 25 years of Great Lakes Protection

Join us in Toronto June 15-17 for our 25th Annual General Meeting!

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