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GLIN==> "annex" water conservation comment needed

Dear Great Lakes citizen,

Please consider commenting on a draft collective effort by the eight Great Lakes states and the two Great Lakes provinces to improve their water conservation programs.

The deadline for comment is Friday, June 8.

The draft effort -- a list of "conservation objectives" the ten provinces and states are supposed to attempt to meet -- starts the process of fulfilling one of the key elements of the recent "annex" agreements to prevent water diversion and local water abuse. The bulk of the commitments made in the annex agreements await approval by the legislatures of the states and provinces. However, a few, including the commitment to write collective conservation objectives, went into effect as soon as the documents were signed in December 2005.

In summary, the draft conservation objectives are a tremendous disappointment and need extensive revision to make any serious difference in the region's water future. Please comment on the conservation objectives to help assure they are substantially revised before they are finalized later this year.

Attached is a document that includes all you need to comment on the draft conservation objectives:

--detailed background information

--a letter and separate critique of the conservation objectives for sign-on by organizations or for use as a basis for separate comment by organizations or individuals

--the draft conservation objectives as released by the governments

We hope you can co-sign (if you represent an organization) or can find a few moments to comment separately.


Reg Gilbert

on behalf of

Alliance for the Great Lakes
Canadian Environmental Law Association
Great Lakes United
National Wildlife Federation


Reg Gilbert
Senior Coordinator
Great Lakes United

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