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June 1, 2007





Thirteen reports detailing project status, outcome available online for public viewing


TOLEDO, OH – Reports detailing the results of 13 projects supported by the Lake Erie Protection Fund are available online for public view, according to the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, the awarding agency.

The projects funded included an assessment of water moving through Mentor Marsh, conversion of septic system records in Lucas County from paper to electronic, renovation of a wetland at East Harbor State Park, printing of a nature tourism brochure for Ashtabula County and support of a Cleveland high school project to educate locals about the threat of invasive species in Lake Erie. The projects varied in length from one to three years.

The Lake Erie Protection Fund was established to help finance research and implementation of projects aimed at protecting and preserving Lake Erie and its watershed. The fund is supported by Ohioans who purchase Lake Erie license plates. During the past 14 years, the commission has raised more than $8.5 million and funded in excess of 260 projects.

The final reports of these recently completed projects can be accessed at http://www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo/Grant/grants.htm                     

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission is comprised of the directors of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio departments of natural resources, transportation, development, health and agriculture. The commission was created to preserve the lake’s natural resources and protect the quality of its waters and ecosystem.

For more information about the commission and its programs, visit www.epa.state.oh.us/oleo .


For Additional Information, Contact:

Edwin J. Hammett, Ohio Lake Erie Commission

(419) 245-2514


EDITORS NOTE: Attached is a list of the final reports for projects that received funding.

 A Hydrologic Assessment of Mentor Marsh, Lake County, OH.  Project Director: Brian Slater, OSU. LEPF 00-02.


Forest Habitats in Fragmented Landscapes Near Lake Erie.  Project Director: Paul Rodewald, Ph.D., Ohio State University. LEPF 02-08.


GIS Septic System Inventory. Project Director:  Kurt Erichsen, P.E., Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments.  LEPF 02-12.


Maumee Bay and Western Lake Erie Water Quality Monitoring. Project Director: Thomas Bridgeman, Ph.D., University of ToledoLake Erie Center.  LEPF 03-19.


Wetland Renovation in East Harbor State Park, Lakeside/Marblehead OH. Project Director: Craig Davis, Ph.D., Ohio State University. LEPF 99-03.


Effect of Temperature and Elemental Concentration on the Chemical and Elemental Composition of Juvenile Percid Otoliths. Project Director: Elizabeth Marschall, Ph.D., Ohio State University.  LEPF 04-15.


Determining Stream Origin and Migration of Four Purported Walleye Stocks. Project Director: Roy Stein, Ph.D., Ohio State University.  LEPF 04-18.


Food Web and Feeding Influences on PCB Bioavailability. Project Director: Susan Fisher, Ph.D., Ohio State University.  LEPF 00-12.         


Viability of the Progenies of Lake Sturgeon in Lake Erie – Most Endangered Acipenserid Fish.    

Project Director: Konrad Dabrowski, Ph.D., Ohio State University.  SG 171-02.


Nature Brochure Series. Project Director: Mark Winchell, Ashtabula County Convention & Visitors Bureau. SG 210-03.


Exurban Land Use Change, Watershed Management, and Surface Water Quality in Ohio’s Lake Erie Watershed. Project Director: Phillip Hisnay, Ohio State University. SG 216-03


Lake Kleenerz Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers Campaign.  Project Director: Carol Ward, Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Lakefront State Park. SG 282-06.


The Sandusky River Watershed Symposium.  Project Director: David B. Baker, Ph.D., National Center for Water Quality Research (Heidelberg College.)  SG 290-06.