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GLIN==> Press release: German sub hunter to talk at Seaway Trail Discovery Center June 28

Title: Press release: German sub hunter to talk at Seaway Trail Discovery Center June 28
PRESS RELEASE: Use before June 28, 2007                                                            
Contact:  Teresa Mitchell or Peggy Morgia, 315-646-1000

German Sub Hunter to Talk About The Eagle Wing Dive Site June 28
at Seaway Trail Discovery Center

Sackets Harbor, NY -- Scuba diver and French Creek Marina owner Wilburt C. Wahl, Jr. of Clayton, NY, is hunting a German submarine that sank in May of 1942 – not in the waters off France or England, but in the St. Lawrence River. He will talk about his search for the sub and about the unique historic, ecological and geological features of The Eagle Wing dive site near Clayton on June 28 at the Seaway Trail Discovery Center in Sackets Harbor, NY. The 6 pm program is part of the “Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes Seaway Trail” exhibit and speakers series that continues through September 20 at the Seaway Trail Discovery Center.

“The Eagle Wing is a unique and strange geological formation that does not fit the normal pattern of the underwater landscape in the St. Lawrence River,” says Wahl, who will tell tales of lost ships and cars and share details about the lunar-like habitat for fish.

The Eagle Wing is one of the first underwater sites designated as part of the Dive the Seaway Trail project, a collaborative effort by New York Sea Grant and Seaway Trail, Inc. that recruits local stewards to maintain and promote the sites that are described at www.seawaytrail.com.

Wahl and his scuba-diving son Heinz have a collection of anchors from many boats that met their demise in the St. Lawrence River – from huge freighters to small recreational boats. Wahl says, “We have the anchors from the German sub, a Jacques Carter bateau, a British ship from 1650, a War of 1812 ship, and other ships of note.” Part of the Wahls’ anchor collection will be on display from 10 am to 5 pm through September 20 at the Seaway Trail Discovery Center.            

Teresa Mitchell, Seaway Trail, Inc. President and CEO, says, “Maritime history is a popular travel theme, and Seaway Trail, Inc. is pleased to make information available to those who enjoy discovering maritime history under the water and to those who prefer to stay on land and learn about shipping, shipwrecks, military battles fought on the water and recreational boating opportunities.”

Dive the Seaway Trail coordinator David G. White, a recreation and tourism specialist with New York Sea Grant, Oswego, NY, notes, “A 1999 New York Sea Grant study shows scuba divers represent an annual economic impact of more than $108 million to New York’s Great Lakes Seaway Trail region. The new shipwrecks exhibit and speakers series encourages new and experienced divers to discover the fascinating freshwater opportunities found right here along New York’s Seaway Trail shoreline.”
Seaway Trail, Inc. has begun installing a new series of maritime theme outdoor interpretive panels at sites Trailwide to encourage people to travel the full length of the 518-mile America’s Byway along the freshwater St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Niagara River and Lake Erie.

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail Shipwrecks exhibit and speakers series continue through September 20 with presentations by National Geographic photographer-in-residence David Doubilet, New York State’s National Register Coordinator Mark Peckham, historian Dr. Gary M. Gibson, 1000 Islands Dive Excursions Captain Ken Kozin, and Great Lakes historian and author Frederick Stonehouse.

The Seaway Trail Foundation, New York and Pennsylvania Sea Grants, TGI Fridays, Day’s Inn-Denny’s, French Creek Marina, Key Bank, the New York State Divers Association, and the Social Cultural Committee and Hospitality & Tourism Student Organization of Jefferson Community College sponsor the exhibit that includes an interactive underwater-simulated learning program courtesy of Pennsylvania Sea Grant, a series of interpretive panels, an underwater photography display provided by the Oswego Maritime Foundation, and the reclaimed ships’ anchors on loan from French Creek Marina.

The Seaway Trail Discovery Center, operated by Seaway Trail, Inc. and the Seaway Trail Foundation is in the former Union Hotel built in 1817-1818 and owned by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.  For more information, go to www.seawaytrail.com or call 315-646-1000. # # #