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GLIN==> Action Alert: Tell Congress to Pass Invasive Species Legislation This Year

FYI - The Healing Our Waters* - Great Lakes Coalition is distributing
the following action alert:



The Problem

Invasive species are the most pressing issues facing the Great Lakes
region. They pose an unrelenting threat to the health of the Great Lakes
ecosystem and economy. There are 185 known invasive species already in
the Great Lakes, and a new one arrives on average every 28 weeks. Once a
new species establishes itself, it is almost impossible to remove and
incredibly difficult to contain. In instances where an invasive species
is controlled, efforts must be sustained over the long-term in order to
keep it from making a comeback. Immediate action on the part of federal
policymakers is needed to help meet the challenges presented by invasive

Congress has had years to deal with the issue but has failed to act.
Every day we wait the problems with invasive species get worse and the
solutions get more costly.

The Solution

Congress has manageable solutions to this problem contained in
comprehensive legislation-the Great Lakes Collaboration Implementation
Act. It's time for them to pass this bill and stand up for the millions
of people who depend on the Great Lakes.

Take Action

This Tuesday and Wednesday, June 5-6, please call your U.S.
Representative and Senators. Please let them know any personal
connection you have with the invasive species problem. Also tell them:

-Passing strong invasive species legislation is priority number one for
the Great Lakes this year; 
-We can no longer stand by complacently as wave after wave of new
invaders enter the lakes, fouling drinking water, killing off fish,
disrupting small businesses, and costing citizens billions of dollars in
damage and control costs;
-It is long past time to deal with this problem. Congress must act now
by passing strong invasive species legislation this year.

The Capitol Switchboard, where you can be connected to their offices,
is (202) 224-3121.


It's not clear yet what legislative vehicle we'll have the best
opportunity to support. The importance of your action is to convey the
message that invasive species is priority number one for the Great Lakes
and Congress must pass legislation this year.

Let us know what you hear

Please send us a note when you've taken action and let us know any
feedback you receive from Congressional offices. Send an email to

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