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GLIN==> PRESS RELEASE: Start Planning Now for Lake Superior Day Celebrations in July!

Celebrate Lake Superior Day

Sunday, July 15, 2005


What’s better than a July picnic on a sandy beach next to the world’s largest freshwater lake? A picnic and a Lake Superior celebration!

Individuals and families, communities and clubs, businesses and industries, churches and kids will be holding activities or

events that celebrate Lake Superior Day on the third Sunday in July (July 15 this year). Can you do something that symbolizes your own connection to the lake on that day?

Lake Superior Day was started in the early 1990s as a way to highlight the importance of this great water body to the

environment and economy of this basin. Since then many events have been held to educate or entertain people about lake issues, special places, and recreational opportunities. The Lake Superior Binational Forum is promoting this basin-wide event to highlight the spiritual, personal, environmental, and economic connections people have to this unique world treasure.


 Anyone is invited to hold activities or events that celebrate this world-class lake. Churches, business, and groups around the lake are already organizing special actions for July 15. For example, many elected and tribal officials in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario are signing proclamations that designate the third Sunday in July as Lake Superior Day. Some cities or groups are holding special events such as dragon boat races, beach clean ups, and special church services. Last year almost 30 groups and communities participated in some way in the first year of basin wide celebrations including churches that offered special sermons, hymns, and prayers for precious water.


The Forum's website offers ideas about how groups celebrated last year and what you can do to celebrate the day at http://www.superiorforum.info. Click on “Current Projects.” New information is posted regularly. For more information email lakesuperiorday@northland.edu; call (715) 682-1489.


The Lake Superior Binational Forum is a multi-sector stakeholder group of American and Canadian volunteers that work together to provide input to governments about lake issues and educate basin residents about ways to protect and restore the lake. Members come from Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario.

The Forum is located in the United States at the Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College in Ashland, WI, and funded in the US by a grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Great Lakes National Program Office. The Canadian Forum office is at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and funded by Environment Canada.


Lissa Radke
US Coordinator
Lake Superior Binational Forum
Sigurd Olson Environmental Institute at Northland College
Ashland WI 54806
FAX  715-682-1218
"Water is life, and the quality of water determines the quality of life."
--Lake Superior Binational Forum vision statement

Lake Superior Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in July!