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GLIN==> Great Lakes Legacy: An In Wisconsin Special

Wisconsin Public Television 
Great Lakes Legacy: An In Wisconsin Special

This week, the "In Wisconsin" special "Great Lakes Legacy" airs
Thursday, June 28 at 7 p.m. and repeats Sunday, July 1, at noon, and
Sunday at 11:30 am on WMVS in Milwaukee. 

The Great Lakes are a source of beauty, pleasure, sport and commerce.
And they're irreplaceable. The Great Lakes are the largest source of
fresh water on our planet, and make up 20% of the fresh surface water in
the entire world. That fresh water is precious in our increasingly
water-poor planet. Now more than ever, the economic and environmental
value of the lakes is being recognized. And tough management decisions
are being made that will satisfy some - and be unpopular with others.
The way we choose to manage this valuable aquatic resource today,
affects its future, our future-and creates a Great Lakes Legacy.

Great Lakes Compact
Reporter Art Hackett takes us to Waukesha to find out how that city
hopes to divert water from Lake Michigan to solve its water shortage

Quagga Mussels 
Reporter Liz Koerner travels out onto Lake Michigan to meet an invasive
aquatic species called the quagga mussel.

Reporter Andy Soth introduces another pair of scientists - a pair that
may have found a way to discourage invasive species from hitching a ride
into the Great Lakes.

Apostle Islands Management
Reporter JoAnne Garrett heads to the northernmost tip of Wisconsin and
into the waters of Lake Superior, to our state's only National Park -
the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

The Great Lakes Legacy special features stories produced in a
partnership between Wisconsin Public Television and the Biodiversity
Project, with financial support from the Wisconsin Coastal Management
Program and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.