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GLIN==> sign on to GLWQA comment by Great Lakes United

Dear Great Lakes citizen,

Please consider commenting on the draft summary document by the Canadian and U.S. Governments on the review they conducted during 2006 on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. Their document is available at www.binational.net/glwqa_2007_e.html.

The deadline for comment is Saturday, July 14.

If you represent an organization, we welcome your comment in the form of signing on to the position statement prepared by Great Lakes United, attached to the message. Individuals should feel free to cut and paste any or all of the attached document in individual submissions to the governments.

This governments' 66-page report summarizes the findings, results, and recommendations of the nine review working groups and a governance institutions workshop formed by the governments to review the GLWQA. These review work groups met -- primarily by phone -- between April and December of last year. The participants were from all levels of government and a range of non-government organizations.

Great Lakes United believes that the government report is a fair representation of the consultation that happened over the past year. Therefore, in our submission for this round of consultation, which is attached to this message, we have presented our preliminary position on revision of the Agreement.

As the review and possible renegotiation continues over the next couple of years, we will present more details on these policy directions. Our position statement can be found at the Great Lakes United web site at www.glu.org.

Our position statement is the product of extensive consultation with our members over the past two years. During that time, we have held numerous conference calls to develop positions on a range of GLWQA issues as well as holding a video conference, linking participants in Toronto, Cleveland, Ann Arbor and Chicago. Most recently, at our annual meeting in Toronto on June 17th, we spent two hours with our members reviewing and revising the draft position that is attached to this email. This position does not have all the details in it for revisions to the Agreement. We will continue to work with our members over the next year to develop the details.

We urge organizations to sign on to our position statement by Friday, July 13. In addition, we encourage you, either as an individual or as an organization, to send a separate letter to the governments commenting on the part of the government report of most interest to you and using any or all of our position statement.

We hope that by putting out this position statement now we can help to set the agenda for future government discussions on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.

To sign on to Great Lakes United's position statement as a representative of an organization, or if you have any questions about commenting on the review of the Agreement individually, please contact John Jackson at jjackson@glu .org, or by calling (519) 744-7503.



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coordinating basinwide initiatives to protect
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St. Lawrence River ecosystem

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